Free children's visit to Azadi Tower on the occasion of International Children's Day

On the occasion of World Day and National Children's Week, Azadi Tower welcomes children and their families for free.

Free children's visit to Azadi Tower on the occasion of International Children's Day

According to the public relations report of Azadi Tower, Farzad Hoshiar Parsian, the head of Azadi Tower, while announcing this news, added that Azadi Tower, in cooperation with the Department of Citizen Partnerships of Tehran Municipality, in order to create a happy and childlike atmosphere during National Children's Week, the possibility of visiting this historic building and using the facilities for free It has provided a museum and architecture.

Families can visit Azadi Tower for free with their children from 9:00 to 17:00 from October 17 to 22.

Azadi Tower is a symbol of the glory of Islamic Iranian architecture in the west of the capital, a mixture of the tradition of Iranian architecture with modern elements, which is a symbol of the glory of Iran's history. A square that was built along the history of Islamic Iran, whose architecture is a fusion of ancient, Islamic and modern architecture and is well evident by using the geometry of the Sassanid and Islamic eras. The design and construction of Azadi Tower was entrusted to Hossein Amanat in 1348 and it was put into operation on 24 Mehr 1350 after thirty months of effort. As an example, 25,000 pieces of white stone from Joshghan mines in Isfahan are used in 15,000 different geometric shapes with complex surfaces. The main foundations of the building are based on a rectangle with dimensions of 63 x 42 meters and the height of Azadi Tower is 45 meters from the level of the square. The complex in Azadi has a large underground space and various and functional halls, including the tower floors (3 floors), the Hall of Iranian Studies, the Passage of the Ancients, the Old Hall (photographic museum), the Hall of Mirrors (diorama), the Dunstaniha Hall, the Corridor of the Ancestors, Gallery, Technology Corridor, Amphitheater Hall, Library (Culture Hall), Meteorite Museum and Simulation Cinema have provided an environment for holding cultural and artistic programs.

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