Raisi way. . .Forty days have passed since the departure of the depriveds loard .

This is the path of the man of the field, the one who is not afraid of insults and slander, whose goal is to reach the top and continue on his way without paying attention to the edges.

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The celebration of the Independence Day of Belarus was held at the Azadi Tower
The ceremony of commemorating the Independence Day of Belarus was held in the cultural and artistic complex of Azadi Tower with the presence of the Ambassador of Belarus.
Establishing a mobile ballot box for the presidential election in the cultural and artistic complex of Azadi Tower
Simultaneously with the beginning of the election process of the 14th presidential term, the mobile ballot box was installed in the Azadi cultural and artistic complex.
 Presentation of the music piece "In the name of Iran" In order to invite people to participate in the 14th presidential election
Produced at the Azadi Tower cultural art complex and the Islamic Republic of Iran's Radio and Television Music and Hymn Office Poet: Mostafa Mohaddesi Khorasani Composer: Milad Aghaei Singer: Seyyed Mohsen Hosseini
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