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Web services (API)

Using the API, you can implement the entire process of buying tickets on your website, and a percentage of the amount will be added to your account for each purchase.

Web services (API)

If you are the owner of a website or application that has the possibility to connect to a bank portal, you can fully implement the process of buying tickets for Azadi Tower cultural and artistic complex in your system by receiving your own token. .
For every purchase made from your website, a percentage (proportionate to the agreement made with you) will be paid to you as commission.
You can sell any number of tickets up to your credit limit on the Azadi Tower website (which can be recharged online).

How to implement Azadi Tower ticket purchase web services in the form of REST and its output is Json, which allows you to implement it on any platform and software, whether web or mobile.

You can click here to view the documentation of Azadi Tower web service.
Also, if you wish to cooperate in sales through the implementation of the web service, you can register your request through the form below, so that after checking and concluding the contract, your special cargo token will be sent.

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