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Criticism of the movie "Creator" in Azadi tower Cinematheque

The critic and review session of the film Khaliq directed by Gareth Edwards, produced by Hollywood in 2023, was held in the small hall of Azadi Tower, Tehran, with the presence of Ahmadreza Mearaji, a host and cinema expert, and Mr. Jalil Akbari, a film critic and director.

Criticism of the movie "Creator" in Azadi tower Cinematheque

Mr. Jalil Akbari Sahet said about Khaleq movie that the story of this movie is very simple, that is, in the cinema of Hollywood productions, apart from the grandeur of the movie and the director's ability to create familiar and unfamiliar images, a very simple story is told, the story of good and bad. The only difference with something like Dances with Wolves or any other Hollywood movie is that technology is so embedded in the essence of this movie. We cannot say that we saw a movie in the context of Hollywood dramatic cinema and got a conclusion from it that we will discuss in the following discussion:

The problem of this film is actually the audience, the problem of the film is not the huge cinematic construction that we saw in the film, nor the narration of a very simple story, the major parts of this story were predictable, traceable and in fact identifiable for us. The relationship between the audience and the sender of the message is based on a theoretical basis. Films that are made about a world bigger than the world we live in now are films that can be explained on an ideological basis. This film is not separate from this category in the first place. When this movie ends, it asks us why I saw this movie and the next question is why this movie was made. If we ask these questions, are there any other questions like who said it, where did it say it, why did it say it, how did it say it? Has a new question been raised in this film? Naturally, no, so it can be said that this film was made on the basis of the philosophical thinking of the Western world in the face of the other. After the Second World War, another concept clarifies the issue of the audience for us. It has become an important and key concept for the Western world, for philosophers and then for the intellectual society of the West. In fact, the generation that was born between 1940 and 1960 is not an active generation and belongs to the silent generation. If they are the audience of this film, how will they look at it when faced with a work full of CGI and full of exciting stories. The main theme This movie and the main adventures of this movie is an atomic attack that transforms our world into another world. The world that man has created by himself. Was human free to create this? Many philosophers say no, he was not free to do so, because the movement of time was in such a way. If Oppenheimer had not done it, someone else would have been found to do it, and we have in fact always sided with life in the face of a destructive mind. The mind of the destroyer does not always give another meaning. I deliberately used the movie Dances with Wolves as an example, because in my opinion this theme can be placed in this movie, the growth of technology, the growth of global scientific organizations and the interconnection of these networks, data analysis and the emergence of new data that lead to a The new world, which is the world of progress, becomes the first, second and third, which have different tastes in the compilation of another concept. With this assumption, we enter the message of the film, which is quite evident in the construction of the film. In response to the presenter's question about the message of the film, Mr. Sehat said that it is very complicated, that is, he is the creator of a film that gives a main message in the moment with small text messages. The main message is actually love and tolerance. What we see in this film is like the large iron grids of the Los Angeles Space Agency or the new definition of Asia. The names mentioned in the context, each of them has a direct reference to a model or philosophy of life; Even the color of the skins, which in today's Hollywood cinema no longer has the previous definition, i.e. the good people were white and the bad people were black. Mr. Mearaji added that I think the choice of the hero of the film among black people was done deliberately. Confirming this opinion, Mr. Sehat said that a different way of thinking has started in American cinema, and where art based on philosophy moves and moves side by side with philosophy, he is aware of who the audience is. The opening question of the film was this. Who is the audience of this film? Is it the silent generation or the Zed generation or the woe generation, the generation mixed with artificial intelligence are those whose technology is mixed with their soul and essence and technology cannot be taken from them.

The main thing is that the audience of this movie is very wide, but the target point of this movie is the audience of generation Z and Y.
Because there is a symbolic question in this film, a very simple question that is very familiar to us Iranians, where are you in such a hurry? This is a very key question. Is the film we saw with all these industrial tools and this advanced technology, which cost 100 million dollars, very different from the film Where is the Friend's House? At the core of the narrative of both of these two films, their issue is love, tolerance, and tolerance with others. In the explosive scene of the film, what could have saved us from this great disaster? Was it nothing but love? It is interesting that when I look at it from the author's point of view, he seems to say that the world has a tool and a plan for life and that is love through the language of the characters who are intertwined with us based on living artificial intelligence. In fact, the artificial intelligence or those creations of the creator will tell what kind of people you are! You have love and how much you waste it and satiate it in vain!
Here, the task of the film is strongly defined by nihilism and absurdism and any other term. Even though this film is a brilliant postmodern film, it does not fall into the lap of postmodernism and the holes it can create. Asia to Los Angeles is actually the arc of this sphere of communication that all this data is transferred from a human-made path and reaches a point where the transcendental border becomes our transcendental border to a very simple problem of decision-making minds that is a linear and They decide next. The creator's film has become a complicated and formed film with simple graphic designs and this film should be considered a studio film, but the fact is that some scenes were worked by the director with special elegance outside the studio and the interweaving of CGI with real images and Real takes us in the direction of identifying with the film. For the audience of this film of every age group, one question is set by default: Why are we here?
Any answer to this question actually includes and portrays our philosophical position and our thinking in the face of nothingness. In order to understand this movie, you can read the book "Man Like God" and it is also necessary to know the collection of philosophical knowledge produced in Germany. Because these reasons help us to be in the right place to understand this film, Mr. Mearaji added that the film has been strongly supported by the ruling American government, but the Republicans are not very fans of this film. Because according to his opinion, this movie shows that America should accept East Asia and especially China and should deal with them in any way, i.e. with artificial intelligence and robots.

Mr. Sehat said that in contrast to the philosophy of the Western world, there is a seemingly minimal philosophy in the East called Confucian philosophy. In fact, this film expands both of these concepts in its heart, but in philosophy, the Middle East is included in the West, the structure of the film is based on the clash of civilizations, and it seeks a solution for the dialogue between these two civilizations, and these two philosophical confluences are imperceptibly in The fabric of this film is interwoven. The big point of this film is that America, as an association of the meaning of humanity in the last 500 years, appeared in America after the human renaissance. But this word does not mean the approval of American sovereignty, only in terms of the ideological structure. The narrative of Mr. Dr. Shaygan, who says that America is the paradise that mankind thought it could build on earth and built it, the creator movie makes us ask ourselves if the world system is correct, it asks the question, but it does not get involved in nihilism, it does not get involved in nihilism, the scope of civilization The film, from Confucian philosophy to Hegelian philosophy or any philosophy, as if it is and as if it is not, which we had a challenge with in the western civilization, has been studied and restored. We have to watch this movie in terms of studies, and if we don't, we will probably miss a lot of things. The movie talks about immortal god-like humans, Confucian philosophy says that we eat everything that moves, and in a complicated sense, it says that everything that doesn't work should be thrown away. This film has reached a new drama by using a set of contrasting elements. A film that talks about what and who a human being is; A film that uses CGI to intertwine such a drama and create a narrative from which many points can be extracted; Also, the aspects of dramatic language and literature, which include philosophy, history, tourism and sociology, are woven into this film, but the point is that this film does not directly talk about any of these aspects.

Mr. Mearaji also believes that such filmmakers never state the slogan of the film clearly and point out the issue very subtly. According to him, the most significant point of this film was that artificial intelligence is supposed to exist and we have to live with it. One of the most important points in Mr. Akbari Sahat's opinion is that in the coming decades, the world will go beyond religion, and this concept is hidden in this film. but it is not very practical to talk about it in the cinema discussion. We are talking here about the cinematic and visual signs of the film and unraveling the essence of the message of the content and who is saying what, which is the western civilization.

What is the philosophical concept of living? The bed of the signs we saw. The most important sign of this movie, before we see large and big spaces and data spaces and data analysis, the most important sign in the movie is love, which means that the more the world grows and becomes more complex and the more capable and intelligent people are than us, Over time, the function of signs changes over time. This film is one of the few films produced in Hollywood that deals with family structure and true love, and thus this film has been able to sell the most in countries like our country.

Criticism of the movie "Creator" in Azadi tower Cinematheque Criticism of the movie "Creator" in Azadi tower Cinematheque

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