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Pre-event "Jehan Banu" in Azadi Tower cultural complex
The pre-event meeting of "Lady's World" (February 13) was hosted by Azadi Tower Cultural Complex.
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Introducing Azadi tower
Azadi tower cultural and artistic complex
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Free children's visit to Azadi Tower on the occasion of International Children's Day
On the occasion of World Day and National Children's Week, Azadi Tower welcomes children and their families for free.
A different experience, from a familiar symbol Azadi tower services for you as:
Introduce of Azadi tower
Hall of Iranology
Hall of Iranology is a miniature model of the map of Iran in the 1340s, which was made by Art Centrum (Czecho-Slovak Fine Arts Center).
Introducing Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower has 4 pillars, the foundations of each of which are sunk 5 meters below the ground level. Azadi Tower is resistant to an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 to 5.7 on the Richter scale.
Azadi tower cultural and artistic complex
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